Top Best Cars To Own As A Celebrity


Any automobile enthusiasts will like this article whether they are celebrities or not. All times, celebrities and particularly those in the music industry have always owned high-end cars not many ordinary people can afford. In fact, the highest collection of expensive automobiles can be traced to be with celebrities. This is evident when you visit the parking lot where the youtube starkid team were rehearsing for the Space tour. Below is a list of the common high-end cars to own as a celebrity.

Top best cars to own as a celebrity

BMW 4 series

If you are an upcoming celebrity, then this car can be a good start off. It is a versatile car with an emphasis on luxury and style. Before buying, you will have a choice to make, as they have convertibles, hatchbacks and a coupe. The engine is an average 4-cylinder turbo charged, and one can make an upgrade to 6-cylinder charged engine.


Infinity Q50

This is yet another luxury vehicle an upcoming celebrity can go for. It is convenient for town use as well as highway cruising. Its engine is usually a 4-cylinder turbo charged. The main types include the premium sedan and red sports which can be convenient for a lady celebrity. One can always customize it through the manufacturers on a special arrangement.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes has a great line of luxury cars for all levels of celebrities. The beauty of this brand is class and always giving a variety to choose from. Whether you need a convertible for town use, a crossover for off-road or a classic formal series to official errands, you can never go wrong with the Mercedes. They are also good at making customized options through the manufacturer but be prepared to pay a premium for this.

Jaguar luxury series

Jaguar brand has a reputation for making luxury sedans and sports vehicles that can suit celebrities very well. In fact, it is popular to see them being pulled over by some of the celebrities in town. Auto experts term them as compact vehicles which give class anywhere one goes.


Porsche series

All Porsche cars have their series of luxury benefits, and this makes them a good choice for various celebrities. The convertibles are small compact vehicles that do well with ladies than men. However, this does not limit any man from owning one as there is no official declaration of this.

While there are many other luxury series of vehicles celebrities can own, one can grace their parking lot by owning one of the above.